Microsoft Cluster Monitoring and MSSQL Monitoring

Monitoring a Microsoft Cluster

The first step is to add the virtual hostname of the cluster to Resource Manager in the /Server/Microsoft/Cluster class path. The cluster nodes will automatically be added to /Server/Microsoft/Windows class path. Once modeled, any cluster nodes associated with the cluster are added to device class /Server/Microsoft/Windows. The only three valid modeler plugins for device class /Server/Microsoft/Cluster are WinCluster, OperatingSystem, and WinMSSQL.

Do not add the WinCluster plugin to the /Server/Microsoft/Windows device class. The /Server/Microsoft/Windows device class uses a python class that is different from the python class used in the /Server/Microsoft/Cluster device class, and they have different relationships.


Monitoring MSSQL

When monitoring MSSQL Enterprise edition using Fail Over mode the WinMSSQL modeler plugin should only be on the cluster hostname. For Single Server mode the WinMSSQL modeler plugin is installed on the physical node running MSSQL. It is not possible to monitor a Fail Over mode from a single host in /Server/Microsoft/Windows.

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