Mismatching Time Zones Cause Reporting Errors

Applies To

  • Zenoss 4.x
  • CentOS 6.0


If Zenoss Master and Remote collectors do not match in the timezone settings, reports do not correctly generate because timedatectl appears to not be available on these servers. If the date command is run however, the time zone and time display correctly.


To ensure reports generate correctly, all Zenoss Master and Remote collector machines must have matching time zone information. For example on CentOS 6, perform the following on both Zenoss Master and Remote collector(s) to ensure the time zones match:

  1. As root, edit the file /etc/sysconfig/clock to set the time zones to match.
  2. Backup and remove the file /etc/localtime.
  3. Copy the time zone info file, for example, America/New_York, from /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York to /etc/localtime.
  4. Reboot the server(s) to pickup the changes.

    For additional information see: the RedHat System Administrator's Guide.

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