How To Remove Unwanted Docker Images

Applies To

  • Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x


Docker images that are no longer required consume storage space unless they are removed. This KB describes the process of removing Docker images that are no longer required to make additional storage space available.


Perform the following to remove Docker images to free up space:

  1. Become root, or a user with root authority:
    sudo - su
  2. To get a list of Docker images, run the following command:
    docker images
  3. Identify images that are no longer required. Be careful to avoid images that might still be in use.
    To remove unwanted images, run:
    docker rmi [repository]/[image]:[tag]

    For example, if the Zenoss Core images for version 5.0 are no longer needed, note the following items in the record for this image, that appears in the form (using version 5.0.10 as an example):

    REPOSITORY          TAG              IMAGE ID     ……...      [other fields]      
    zenoss/core_5.0        5.0.10           9bf98707e6e7
  4. Run the following command to remove this particular image and free up space:
    docker rmi zenoss/core_5.0:5.0.10
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    Mark Allen *SUSPENDED*

    I think the article would be more helpful if you could explain how I would know if a docker image is no longer needed or being used. Is there something in the "docker images" output that tells me I no longer need this image.

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    Doug Syer

    this procedure wont work the images will come back, there is another procedure to handle this.


    agree. ive been coming up to speed with docker. im realizing i need the latest and the base image but we dont need a bunch of the other ones. it looks like backups may be creating images and not cleaning them up after perhaps. i think we probably want to periodically remove old images on the cc to keep things clean.

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