How to use zennetworkclean to remove unused network information

Applies To

  • Zenoss 5.x
  • Zenoss 4.x


The zennetworkclean python script (available as part of the zenoss.toolbox project on Github - scans (and cleans, with the --fix flag) the Networks hierarchy for stale network information. Zennetworkclean should be run regularly (on a healthy system) to clean the Networks hierarchy - this results in a speed boost when accessing the Networks page in the UI.

Symptom of of Extraneous Networks Information

Slow loading of the Networks page through the UI is a symptom of extraneous networks information.

Using the zennetworkclean Script

usage: [-h] [-v] [-v10] [--tmpdir TMPDIR] [-s] [-f] [-n CYCLES] [-l] [-c CATALOG]

optional arguments:

zennetworkclean -

removes old and/or unused ip addresses -
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --version show program's version number and exit
-v10, --debug debug verbose log output (debug logging)
--tmpdir TMPDIR override the TMPDIR setting
-f, --fix attempt to remove any stale references
-n CYCLES, --cycles CYCLES maximum times to cycle (with --fix)
-l, --list output all supported catalogs
-c CATALOG, --catalog CATALOG only scan/fix specified catalog

Example Script Output

[2016-02-18 12:26:40] Initializing zennetworkclean v2.0.0 (detailed log at /opt/zenoss/log/toolbox/zennetworkclean.log)

[2016-02-18 12:26:41] Examining IPv6Networks.ipSearch (104 Objects)
[2016-02-18 12:26:43] WARNING [==================================================] 100% [There are 5 orphaned IPs (4.8%)]

[2016-02-18 12:26:44] Execution finished in 0:00:04
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