End of Maintenance Dates


This document clarifies when the End of Maintenance (EOM) occurs for a particular release.


The End of Maintenance date is stated in the Description of Software, Support, and Services (DOSSS) as the following:

Zenoss is not required to provide maintenance for a version of the software after 12 months following the release of the subsequent version of the software.

Based on the release dates of our solutions, this breaks down to the following:

Release Generally Available End of Maintenance
Zenoss 2.4 2009-05-04 2010-10-26
Zenoss 2.5


Zenoss 3.0 2010-07-15 2012-02-14
Zenoss 3.1 2011-02-14 2012-09-01
Zenoss 3.2 2011-09-01 2012-10-27
Zenoss 4.0 2011-10-27 2012-11-14
Zenoss 4.1.1 2011-11-14 2013-12-03
Zenoss 4.2.2 2012-12-03 2014-03-05
Zenoss 4.2.3 2013-03-05 2014-09-30
Zenoss 4.2.4 2013-09-30 2018-H1 (TBD)
Zenoss 4.2.5 2014-05-28 2018-H1 (TBD)

Maintenance for all ZenPacks supported with a specific release is tied to the specific release EOM date. This includes Service Impact and Analytics.


Q: What does "End of Maintenance" mean to me as a user?

A: When a product reaches "End of Maintenance", no more patches will be released for that version. End of Maintenance releases will continue to operate, and support will be provided for the release.

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