04/10/2023 - ZenPack Release: BigIpMonitor 2.7.3

Version 2.7.3 of the BigIpMonitor ZenPack (ZenPacks.zenoss.BigIpMonitor) has been released.

This release is compatible with Zenoss 6.x and Zenoss Cloud and has the following additional requirements.

  • Zenoss >= 6.x and Zenoss Cloud (updated)
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenPackLib >= 2.1.1 (updated)
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.CalculatedPerformance >= 2.5.2 (updated)

The following changes have been made since the previous release (2.7.2):

  • Added Fan monitoring template for iSeries devices (ZPS-4589)
  • Updated F5 MIBs (ZPS-1787)
  • Improved speed representation for Interfaces (ZPS-6765)
  • Fixed the calculation of the CPU Utilization graph (ZPS-7354)
  • Fixed Load Balancer Pool Member detection failure (ZPS-5898)
  • Fixed transforms for Pool Members (ZPS-4466)
  • Fixed computation of free TMM memory threshold (ZPS-4476)
  • Fixed mapping for DOS start and stop events (ZPS-4375)
  • Fixed Active Members calculation for Load Balancer Pools (ZPS-833)
  • Fixed Current Connections calculation for LTM Virtual Servers (ZPS-833)
  • Tested with Zenoss Resource Manager 6.7.0, Zenoss Cloud and Service Impact 5.6.0
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