Datasource Glossary - Which daemons collect which datasources?

Datasource Glossary

The purpose of this document is to provide a reference for which datasource types are collected by which collector daemons

Datasource Type Collector Daemon
AWSDataSource zenpython
Amazon CloudWatch zenpython
ApacheMonitor zencommand
AzureDataSource zenpython
AzureEABillingDataSource zenpython
Built-In none
COMMAND zencommand
Calculated Performance zenpython
Cisco UCS XML API zenucsevents
CiscoAxlPerf zencommand
CiscoIPPhone zencommand
Control Center zenpython
Datapoint Aggregator zenpython
DigMonitor zencommand
DnsMonitor zencommand
FtpMonitor zencommand
HttpMonitor zenpython
ILO zenpython
Isilon Events API zenpython
Isilon HTTP API zenpython
JMX zenjmx
LDAPMonitor zencommand
MAILTX zenmailtx
MSLync zenpython
MySqlMonitor zencommand
NX-API Command zenpython
NetAppMonitor Cmode Events ZAPI zenpython
NetAppMonitor SNMP zenpython
NetAppMonitor ZAPI zenpython
NtpMonitor zenpython
OpenStack AMQP Queue Size zenpython
OpenStack API Endpoint Status zenpython
OpenStack Ceilometer AMQP zenpython
OpenStack Ceilometer Events AMQP zenpython
OpenStack Ceilometer Heartbeats AMQP zenpython
OpenStack Ceilometer Perf AMQP zenpython
OpenStack Cinder Service Status zenpython
OpenStack Neutron Agent Status zenpython
OpenStack Nova Service Status zenpython
Oracle zencommand
PING zenping
Property zenpropertymonitor
Python zenpython
SNMP zenperfsnmp
SQL zencommand
UCS CIMC zenpython
VMware vSphere zenvsphere
WBEM zenpython
WSMAN zenpython
WebTx zenwebtx
WinRM Ping zenpython
Windows Cluster zenpython
Windows EventLog zenpython
Windows IIS Site zenpython
Windows Perfmon zenpython
Windows PortCheck zenpython
Windows Process zenpython
Windows Service zenpython
Windows Shell zenpython
vCloud zenvcloud
vCloudStatus zenvcloud


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