Backup Fails with "Error Mounting" Message due to serviced Thin Pool Resize

Applies To

  • Control Center 1.x


The serviced-storage resize command is used to expand or resize a thin pool. If the serviced-storage resize command is issued while serviced is running, it results in failed backups and an error similar to the following:

# serviced backup /opt/serviced/var/backups
Error mounting '/dev/mapper/docker-253:1-171824-5vWI8jkqyBtS2rmI7XmVgb' on '/tmp/serviced-export-volume-123456789': invalid argument


To use the serviced-storage resize command to expand or resize a thin pool and successfully run backups, stop serviced before issuing the resize command.

NOTE: If you have already resized the thinpool with serviced running, stop and (re)start serviced so it picks up the changes and then rerun the backup command.

For example, issue the following commands as root or a user with root authority:

  1. Stop serviced:
    # systemctl stop serviced
  2. Issue the resize command, for example:
    serviced-storage resize -o dm.thinpooldev=/dev/mapper/serviced-serviced--pool -d /opt/serviced/var/volumes  800G
  3. Start serviced:
    # systemctl start serviced
  4. Run the backup command:
    # serviced backup /opt/serviced/var/backups

    The following is example output of a successful backup:

    # serviced backup /opt/serviced/var/backups
    # ll
    total 10422228
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5479421745 Oct 19 16:30 backup-2016-10-19-211506.tgz
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5192936319 Nov  2 14:16 backup-2016-11-02-190409.tgz
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