09/09/2021 - Subscription ZenPack Release: Incident Management Integration Service v3.1.0

Services paid subscription ZenPack.zenoss.IncidentManagement

Version 3.1.0 of the CMDB integration zenpack has been released. This release is compatible with Zenoss versions  6.x and Zenoss Cloud, and has the following additional requirements.

  • Zenoss >= 6.4.1 or later and Zenoss Cloud 
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.PS.QFramework >= 1.2.0

The following changes have been made since the previous release: 3.0.4

Release 3.1.0


  • Added new contexts available in the fieldMapping configuration (defaultFields, mappingUtils,removeField)

   Bug Fixes

  • Prevent an event loop when processing errors if “Send only on initial occurrence” not selected
  • Don’t add multiple zenactiond.conf config files 

Detailed information on this ZenPack is available from the ZenPack Catalog.  

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