Restarting zproxy to correct communication issues

Applies to

  • Zenoss 5.0 - 6.x


The zproxy service is used by Control Center to proxy communications between services.  These connections can be internal (collector/MetricShipper > Metrics/MetricConsumer) or external (user browser session to public endpoint, i.e., the Resource Manager URL).

Occasionally, the zproxy service can end up in a faulted state where one or more of these proxied connections fails.  This can typically be resolved by restarting the service.


To restart the zproxy service, perform the following:

  1. Log into the Control Center UI.
  2. From the Applications page, click the Zenoss.resmgr application link.
  3. Click the "restart" button for the Zenoss.resmgr service (top-right of the page).
  4. A dialog box will present you with the options to "Cancel," "Restart Service," or "Restart Service and # Children."  Choose "Restart Service."
  5. When the Zenoss.resmgr instance health checks pass (see the Instances section, below Services), test the previously faulting connection to confirm resolution.
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