08/05/2019 - ZenPack Release: HP Proliant 3.3.3

The HP Proliant ZenPack (ZenPacks.zenoss.HP.Proliant), has been updated to 3.3.3.  This maintenance release contains several fixes for various issues.

 * Zenoss >= 4.2
 * PythonCollector ZenPack
 * WBEM ZenPack
- Updated icons with dark-theme compatible versions
- ILO modeler timeout should follow zCollectorClientTimeout
- Fix exceptions in impact relationship providers
- Overhaul impact relationships
- Hide credentials from logging (ZPS-4338)
- Add support for ILO Gen 7 physical drives (ZPS-5274)
- Fix WBEM component metric duplication issue (ZPS-6132)

Detailed information on this ZenPack is available from the ZenPack Catalog.

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