03/06/2019 - ZenPack Release: OpenStack (Provider View) 3.0.0

Version 3.0.0 of the OpenStack (Provider View) ZenPack (ZenPacks.zenoss.OpenStackInfrastructure) has been released.

This release is compatible with Zenoss Cloud and Zenoss 6.2 - 6.3, and has the following requirements

  • ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenPackLib >= 2.1.0
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.PythonCollector >= 1.6.1 (no change)
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.OpenStack >= 1.2.3 (no change)

The following changes have been made since the previous release: 2.4.2.

  • Add support for Keystone Domains (ZPS-3850)
  • Add support for Pike, Rocky, Queens, RHOSP 13-14 versions of OpenStack
  • Add support for multiple Zenoss instances (ZPS-1598)
  • Add support for restricted (non-administrator) users (ZPS-3851, ZPS-5043)
  • Exclude erroneous 'hostgroup' host components (ZPS-4914)
  • Fix KeyError in PerfAMQPDataSource vNIC discovery (ZPS-4661)
  • Guard against missing tenant quota. (ZPS-4627)
  • Refactor Ceilometer introducing zenopenstack service to simplify collection
  • Allow temporary legacy metrics for 'Disk IO Rate' and 'Disk Requests' (ZPS-5205)
  • The HeartBeat datasource was removed as heartbeats are no longer supported by OpenStack (ZPS-1984)
  • Tested with Zenoss Resource Manager 6.3.2, Zenoss Cloud and Service Impact 5.3.4

Detailed information on this ZenPack is available from the ZenPack Catalog.

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