Zenoss Quarterly Zenpack Update for 2016-Q3

Twenty seven individual ZenPacks were launched, enhanced/maintained, or certified for the 5.x platform during the 3rd quarter of 2016. Zenpacks can be downloaded from the Zenpack Wiki:

OpenStackInfrastructure 2.3.0 (9.29.16)

  • Added support for OpenStack Mitaka.
  • Provide various host-checking fixes
  • Add publicURL if adminURL not available
  • Upgrade ZenPackLib to 1.1.0

Microsoft.Windows ZenPack 2.6.4 (9.19.16)

  • Fix Windows ZenPack incorrectly assumes that the first database returned is the master when modeling databases, backups, and jobs (ZEN-24519)
  • Fix WinRM ZenPack - WinService components disabled at template still show "Monitored" in component view (ZEN-24528)

Solaris 2.4.2 (9.6.16)

  • Fix process monitoring event class and threshold (ZEN-21999)
  • Fix for handling of empty zone status output
  • Add common datapoint aliases (ZEN-24619)

NetScreen 2.2.1 (9.6.16)

  • Add total memory modeling
  • Change free memory threshold from 524288 bytes to 10% of total
  • Add common datapoint aliases (ZEN-24619)

HP-UX 2.0.1 (9.6.16)

  • Fix modeling "ValueError" when swap volumes are disabled (ZEN-23286)
  • Add common datapoint aliases (ZEN-24619)

Cisco Devices 5.7.2 (9.6.16)

  • Fix isProjection template copying error. (ZEN-23332)
  • Set event class mapping sequences to 1000. (ZEN-23103)
  • Fix ciscoEnvMonSuppStatusChangeNotif trap handler. (ZEN-24123)
  • Fix ObjectNotFound zones modeling error
  • Fix broken "|" eventKey on NX-API events. (ZEN-21247)
  • Add common datapoint aliases. (ZEN-24619)

Check Point 2.0.1 (9.6.16)

  • Add common datapoint aliases. (ZEN-24619)

BIG-IP 2.7.1 (9.6.16)

  • Convert load balancer port speed from megabits to bits
  • Add datapoint aliases: mem__pct, in__pct, out__pct (ZEN-24619)

Linux Monitor 2.0.4 (9.2.16)

  • Fix "unimplemented" SSH error on 4.2.5 SP709. (ZEN-23392)

AIX 2.2.2 (8.30.16)

  • Make event class /Status/OSProcess for process monitoring (ZEN-21999)
  • Add zCredentialsZProperties: zCommandUsername & zCommandPassword
  • Add mem__pct and fs__pct datapoint aliases (ZEN-24619)

DB2 1.0.4 (8.22.16)

  • Improve Graphs
  • Added failsafe for multi-partitioned databases
  • Datapoints Changed from Derive to Gauge:
  • Affected Graphs due to datapoint change:
    • SQL Statements
    • Lock Wait Time
    • Rows Stats
    • -Connections

Oracle Database (Commercial) 3.0.5 (8.19.16)

  • Re-work Analytics for new metrics introduced in 3.0.4
  • Improve TBSP event handling (ZEN-24339)
  • Mask connectionString in errors (ZEN-21748)
  • Ensure dbmTBSP omits damaged TableSpaces (ZEN-23916)
  • Minor Graph Adjustments

Wndows ZP 2.6.3 (8.18.16)

  • Fix potential "clusternetworks" and "clusternodes" errors after upgrading (ZEN-24401)
  • Fix AttributeError: serviceclass on Windows Services after v515 update (ZEN-24347)
  • Fix duplicated "Interfaces" components after upgrade (ZEN-24401))

CiscoMontor 5.7.1 (8.14.16)

  • Fix StatCountInUse and StatCountPeak OID's. (ZEN-12336)
  • Calculated Performance 2.2.1: (8.2.16)
  • Added zDatasourceDebugLogging property to control debug logging. (ZEN-22318)
  • Reduce install/upgrade time. (ZEN-22318)
  • Add "Rate?" option for both datasource types. (ZEN-22972)
  • Improve performance with HTTP connection pooling in Zenoss 5. (ZEN-23868)

AWS 2.4.3: (8.1.16)

  • Fix Region and S3 Buckets graphs problems (ZEN-17242)
  • Add support for new Region in Mumbai (ZEN-23892)
  • Improve informative event messages in SQS Queues (ZEN-22062)
  • Improve handling for ConnectionLost, TimeoutError etc (ZEN-23901)
  • Fix EC2RegionPlugin's traceback events (ZEN-23174)
  • Fix S3 bucket lookup for eu-central-1 (ZEN-23044)
  • Fix S3BucketPlugin issues for EU Region (ZEN-23236)
  • Add Account ID field for new Regions(ZEN-21880)
  • Add zAWSAutoChangeProdState property for Instance production state

Linux Monitor 2.0.3: (8.1.16)

  • Fix migration of Linux devices to new type. (ZEN-24293)

ZenPacks.zenoss.NSX 1.2.0: (7.29.16)

  • Add configuration check for openstack_neutron_integration. (OSI 2.1.1)
  • Fixed metric collection stopping for all Edge and Interfaces if one or more edge vm is powered off. (ZEN-19008)
  • Fixed invalid dictionary for event messages when NSX edge is powered off. (ZEN-19009)
  • Fixed NSX devices failing to collect when there is a 5.x edge device. (ZEN-21660)
  • Fixed TypeError on Edge components. (ZEN-22734)
  • Added modeling and usage monitoring for IP Pools and Segment ID Pools. (ZEN-22189)
  • Link NSX Edge components to vSphere VMs (requires vSphere ZP).
  • Added modeling and monitoring for Edge Firewall Rules for each Edge.
  • Added modeling and monitoring for NSX Subinterfaces
  • Added monitoring for connection state to vCenter (requires vSphere ZP).
  • Added modeling for Routing Protocols.
  • Added modeling for NAT Rules.
  • Added load balancer modeling and monitoring.

vSphere 3.4.1: (7.29.16)

  • Support multiple --query options in vsphere_queryperf tool
  • Improved component grid performance with Zenoss 5.1.4+
  • Use epoll reactor in zenvsphere to support >1024 descriptors.
  • Fix off-by-one in chunk size calculation (ZEN-22805)
  • Monitor ESX host preparation for NSX networking (ZEN-21157)
  • Remove Dynamic View component from navigation, since it is not fully supported (ZEN-16277)

Linux Monitor 2.0.2: (7.20.16)

  • Performance fix (migration time improved when updating this ZP)
  • Improve 1.x to 2.x migration time. (ZEN-24024)

Microsoft Windows 2.6.0: (7.11.16)

  • Enabled the use of the Infrastructure -> Windows Services page
  • Enabled domain authentication without the need for DNS
  • Added ability to dump results from plugins for troubleshooting
  • Converted to use zenpacklib
  • Document Microsoft Windows Event Log Monitoring Returns Information Events (ZEN-22904)
  • Fix zWinRMServerName not resolving properly on remote collector (ZEN-22880)
  • Fix WinRM ZP Error about concurrent shells doesn't close when not reoccuring (ZEN-23010)
  • Fix Latest version of WinRM pack (2.5.12) causes "AttributeError: in_exclusions" tracebacks (ZEN-23063)
  • Fix WinRM Interface modeler does not account for HP NIC naming scheme (ZEN-20762)
  • Fix WinRM monitoring does not emit message for expired password (ZEN-23183)
  • Fix Windows kinit: Internal credentials cache error while storing credentials while getting initial credentials (ZEN-23238)
  • Fix MSSQL Queries wrong database for metric (ZEN-23228)
  • Fix Windows Service shows 'Up' when down if event class modified (ZEN-19615)
  • Fix Windows Installed on UCS shows 2 interfaces where there's only 1 (ZEN-23379)
  • Fix Windows ZenPack, doesn't send Datasource fields in 'cmd' to Parsers (ZEN-23739)
  • Fix Windows Zenpack Impact relationships are inconsistent (ZEN-18648)
  • Fix WinRMPing datasource should be disabled by default (ZEN-23517)
  • Fix Copy Override of Windows template breaks EventLogDataSource query attribute (ZEN-23157)

Microsoft Windows 2.6.1: (7.14.16)

  • Fix Microsoft Windows ZenPack doesn't work with HyperV pack (ZEN-23967)
  • Fix Microsoft Windows: no collection when Processes are modeled (ZEN-24010)
  • Fix Editing a Windows Service (WinService) Locks Up Zope and Times Out (ZEN-23827)

Microsoft Windows 2.6.2: (8.9.16)

  • Fix WinRM ZenPack - Windows Services page elections conflict with WinService template exclusions (ZEN-24165)
  • Fix Modifying the WinService template causes parallel reindexing of the same components (ZEN-24375)

Microsoft Lync Release 1.1.0 (7.22.16)

  • Add support of Microsoft Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync 2015)

Microsoft Lync Release 1.0.2 (7.14.16)

  • Fix 2.6.0 missing hardware relations (ZEN-23968)

Python Collector 1.8.1 (7.19.16)

  • Fix total collection failure when one bad config exists. (ZEN-23167)

Microsoft Exchange 1.0.4 (7.14.16)

  • Fix 2.6.0 missing hardware relations (ZEN-23968)
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