Zenoss requires native IP addresses for site-to-site VPN instead of NAT

Applies To

  • Zenoss Control Center 1.0.0 -  1.2.3


For Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x (running on Control Center versions prior to 1.3.0), IP traffic that must pass externally to the internet for site-to-site VPN, inside/outside IP addressing and Zenoss 5 Collectors, NAT IP addressing is not supported.


Because Zenoss requires native IP addressing, NAT IP addressing is not supported due to the way Zenoss handles IP addresses and traffic.
Zenoss recommends creating a VPN tunnel that uses native IP addresses for IP traffic that requires public facing IP addresses to pass through to the internet.


As of Control Center 1.3.0, delegate hosts behind a NAT firewall are supported.  Further information and configuration details can be found in the Control Center Reference Guide, under the heading "Using Control Center with a NAT device."


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