Zenoss Best Practices for Post-Installation Control Center Storage Management

Applies To

  • Control Center 1.1.x  - Zenoss Resource Manager 5.1.x


If Control Center is installed, it is very important to regularly monitor the storage requirements of each entity within Control Center, including Zenoss Resource Manager. It is important to develop and implement a management strategy. Closely and proactively monitoring storage use and attending to potential issues before they become bigger problems is essential. If Zenoss Resource Manager, or one of its components, runs low on storage space, the system can fail, collected/stored data can become corrupted, and numerous potentially difficult to diagnose errors and messages can be generated. This KB provides a set of best practices to manage storage for Control Center. The KB includes the following topics:

	Storage is full. Which Storage is it?
		Master host	
		Resource pool host	
	Special Notes on Application Data and Snapshots	
	Monitoring Storage	
	DFS Capacity	
		Expanding available storage
		Adding additional disks to PV/VG/LV
		Resizing the DM Base Device
		ISVCS and Backup Volume Capacities	
		Increase Available Storage Space with fstrim	
	Adding Storage for Application Data or Snapshots	
Additional Resources

Read the full KB here.


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