How to Change or Update the IP Address of a Zenoss 5.x System

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  • Zenoss 5.x


If the IP address of the Zenoss host changes, it is necessary to change the IP address within Control Center.


To change the IP Address of a 5.x Zenoss system, perform the following:

  1. From within the Control Center UI:
    1. Stop the Zenoss.resmgr application.
    2. Remove the host from the resource pool.
      Note: The IP address of the host becomes invalid in Control Center when it is changed.
  2. Change the host IP address. For an example, see the RHEL Networking Guide.
    Note: The DNS information must also be updated.
  3. From within the Control Center UI:
    1. Add the host back to the resource pool with the updated IP address.
    2. Navigate to Control Center > Applications
    3. Select the Zenoss.resmgr, IP Assignments
    4. Change each service assignment IP from Automatic to Host IP address - interface...
    5. Start the Zenoss.resmgr application.
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    Eric Thirolle

    Note that, on more recent versions of Control Center (1.2.0 and later) that support host authentication, it is better to add a host to CC from the command line. The command would look like:

    `serviced host add --register :4979`

    This command adds and *registers* the host in one step. If you add the host from the CC UI, the host will not be registered/authenticated, and further steps would be needed to authenticate the host.

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