ZenPacks.zenoss.vSphere 3.4.0: how to disable ping ESXi hosts

Applies To

  • Zenoss Resource Manager 4.2.5
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.vSphere 3.4.0


This KB describes the process to disable Zenoss Resource Manager from pinging ESXi hosts. Support for ESXi hosts is provided by the ZenPack zenoss.vSphere. This procedure was tested on v3.4.0 of the ZenPack.


Perform the following steps to disable pinging for ESXi hosts:

  1. Log into the Resource Manager UI.
  2. Navigate to the /vsphere organizer.
  3. Locate the value zPingMonitorIgnore
  4. Set the  zPingMonitorIgnore value to true
     zPingMonitorIgnore = true
  5. Navigate to Templates:
    ADVANCED > Monitoring Templates
  6. Select the template associated with the ESXi host and disable ping datasource.  
  7. Model the ESXi host
  8. From within the UI, restart the zenping daemon.
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