How to set the HBASE TTL (time to live) value for Resource Manager 5.1.1 Performance Data

Applies to:

  • Zenoss Resource Manager 5.1.1


Upgrading to Zenoss Resource Manager 5.1.1 can result in the TTL (time to live) HBASE data retention policy being set incorrectly. The TTL setting controls how long performance data is retained for targets within Resource Manager. Changing this value can be useful in various scenarios, for example:

  • decrease the TTL value to save space and prevent low space issues
  • increase the TTL value to retain more performance data although more storage space is used

NOTE: The TTL value is set in seconds.


To set the or change the TTL value for HBASE, perform the following:

  1. Login to the Control Center host.
  2. Attach to the writer container:
    serviced service attach writer
  3. Change to the opentsdb directory:
    cd /opt/opentsdb
  4. Set the TTL value, using seconds:
     ./ {seconds}

    For example, to set the TTL to 90 days, use the value 7776000 seconds:

    ./ 7776000
  5. Exit the container:
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  • Avatar
    Kevin Smith - SUSPENDED

    Could we get steps on showing the current setting?

  • Avatar
    Devon Solomon

    I agree it would be nice to see what its currently set to.

  • Avatar
    Kyle Tuffentsamer

    On Control Center as root I ran the following. A user with access to the Zenoss daemons can also be used. Depending on your setup, you may need to access writer from the host running the container.
    # serviced service attach writer
    # ./opt/hbase/bin/hbase shell
    > list
    substitute your current app id or tenant id for acz..908 below
    > describe 'acz1mly60doe36ymkfgcj4908-tsdb'
    In the output I see the following
    , TTL => '7776000 SECONDS (90 DAYS)',

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