Zenoss Resource Manager Upgrade from 4.2.4 to 4.2.5 fails

Applies To

  • Zenoss Resource Manager 4.2.4
  • Zenoss Resource Manager 4.2.5


It is not possible to upgrade Zenoss Resource Manager from version 4.2.4 to version 4.2.5. RPS updates to Resource Manager 4.2.4 include code that is not compatible with Resource Manager version 4.2.5. This incompatibility can result in upgrade failures.


There are two options to prevent upgrade failures:

  • Continue to apply the latest RPS updates for 4.2.4 and remain at version 4.2.4
  • Migrate to Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x (recommended)
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    Francisco Ramirez

    This would have been nice to know back in October 2015

  • Avatar
    Kehaulani Hitoshi

    ^^^What this guy said^^^ *Nods in emphatic agreement.*

    So Zenoss, if an upgrade to 4.2.5 from 4.2.4 is not possible, does your recommendation "Migrate to Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x (recommended)" actually come with a migration/upgrade path from 4.2.x? Or is that also a complete rebuild as well?

  • Avatar
    Francisco Ramirez

    From what I understand it's still a build from scratch process. They were supposed to be working on a solution to did a direct upgrade but not sure how far along they are.

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