CC 1.0.9/RM 5.0.9 and earlier - runaway cpu when using serviced service (shell or run)

Applies To

  • Zenoss Resource Manager 5.0.9 and earlier
  • Control Center 1.0.9 and earlier


Control Center 1.0.9/Resource Manager 5.0.9 (and earlier versions) can experience a runaway CPU condition (100% usage) if the serviced service shell or serviced service run commands are used. This KB describes recommendations and an alternate approach to running commands that will not trigger this issue.


Because this issue is fixed in later versions of the product, Zenoss recommends upgrading to Control Center 1.1.10/Resource Manager 5.1.1, if possible. If upgrade is not possible, proceed to the following section, Workaround.


If upgrading the Control Center and Resource Manager is not an option, use the following workaround procedure to avoid using the serviced service shell or serviced service run commands. To prevent the issue of 100% CPU usage, attach to the container and run the command(s) from inside the container.

For example:

  1. Become root if necessary:
    sudo - su
  2. Attach to a container, zope for example:
    serviced service attach zope/0
  3. Become the appropriate user, zenoss for example:
    su - zenoss
  4. Run the command
  5. Exit the zenoss user:
  6. Exit the container:
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