How to Edit Daemon Configurations in Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x

Applies To

  • Zenoss Resource Manager 4.x
  • Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x


Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x manages services and daemons differently from Zenoss Resource Manager 4.x because daemons run in containers in version 5.x.
For additional information about containers, see the KB article titled Virtualization and Docker Containerization for Poets.

If changes were made to daemon/service configurations in Zenoss Resource Manager 4.x and the deployment has been upgraded to Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x, a different method is required to implement the same changes on the new system.

This KB describes how to edit daemon configurations in 5.x.


The procedure to access and change the various daemons and services in Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x includes creating a snapshot of the container and using the shell command to shell into that snapshot.

NOTE: The process of shelling into a snapshot is different from attaching to a running container. Attaching to a container results in accessing the running container and its contents. Shelling into a container snapshot enables you to make changes to a container copy and then apply the changes to the running container instances.
For additional information about the shell and attach commands, see the Zenoss Resource Manager Administration Guide Release 5.0.

Containers are named the same as the original service name used in Zenoss RM 4.x. For example, to access the zenjmx container to make changes to the service configuration:

  1. Become root, or a user with root authority:
    sudo su -
  2. Issue the following command to save the container as a snapshot and shell into it:
    serviced service shell -i -s withScript zenjmx bash


    • -s is to save the container
    • withScript is the name of the snapshot
    • zenjmx is the name of the container
  3. Become the user zenoss:
    su - zenoss
  4. Edit the config file to make changes:
    1. Open the config file for editing, for example:
      vi /opt/zenoss/etc/zenjmx.conf
    2. Make the necessary changes.
    3. Save and exit the file.
  5. Exit the zenoss user.
  6. Exit the shell.
  7. Commit the changes:
    serviced snapshot commit withScript
  8. Restart the service to pickup the changes:
    serviced service restart zenjmx 

NOTE: The changes made here will be overwritten by the next Resource Manager upgrade. If the issue persists after the upgrade, repeat the steps in this KB.

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