10/19/2015 - Zenoss Service Impact 5.0.3

Zenoss Service Impact 5.0.3

Service Impact 5.0.3 is now available to customers to download and deploy
​ from Leapfile​

In addition to several defect fixes, the following enhancements were made to the Impact View screen that presents the service model graph:
  • Faster rendering for very large service impact models
  • Ability to export the image of the graph to a PNG file for use in attaching to e-mail or problem incident reports
  • When ZenPacks extend the impact model to be very deep or broad, it is harder to navigate and use the Impact View. A new "Compact View" right click option is now available to hide or filter out the impact model extensions of devices added by various ZenPacks. This enables you to just view the logical services and device model that was ​originally​ configured.  
    • Note: the compact view will be the new default presentation mode in the Impact View for service models   
Important Note:
Impact 5.0.3 is compatible with RM 4.2.x with appropriate RPS as before.
However, on the 5.x platform, Impact 5.0.3 is only compatible with RM 5.0.6 and later.
Please review release and updated installation documents for more details. 
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