How To Export Monitored Devices From a 4.x Resource Manager Instance And Import Them Into a 5.0.x Instance

Applies To

  • Zenoss 4.2.4, 4.2.5
  • Zenoss 5.0.x


Resource Manager administrators who wish to migrate from Resource Manager 4.x to 5x can batch dump a list of devices from a 4.2.4 or 4.2.5 Resource Manager instance and import the device list to a 5.0.x instance.


On the 4.x host:

  1. Perform a zenbatch dump:

    zenbatchdump -o LOADFILE

    NOTE: Non-encrypted authentication credentials will be included in the content of the dump file. Because of this, access to the file should be carefully controlled.

  2. Copy or move the LOADFILE file to the 5.0.x host.

On the 5.0.x host:

  1. Verify that the 5.x instance has any ZenPacks required by the devices to be imported.
  2. Start a Zope shell:

    serviced service shell -i zope bash

  3. Change to the pwd directory:

    cd /mnt/pwd

  4. Copy LOADFILE to the /home/zenoss directory:

    cp LOADFILE /home/zenoss

  5. Confirm LOADFILE is in the /home/zenoss directory.
  6. Change ownership of the file:

    chown zenoss:zenoss /home/zenoss/LOADFILE

  7. Become the zenoss user:

    su - zenoss

  8. Perform a "dry run" of the batchload process with the --nocommit option:

    zenbatchload --nomodel --nocommit LOADFILE

    NOTE: Depending on the results of the dry run, edits to the dump file may be required. For example, items that generate errors can be commented out. Errors relating to missing zprops can be safely ignored unless they relate to a missing device class.

  9. When testing of dry runs is complete, issue the following command to import the device list:

    zenbatchload --nomodel LOADFILE

    Note that if the LOADFILE list is small, modeling can be performed at the time of import by running the following:

    zenbatchload LOADFILE

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    Mesut Pak

    Can you clarify the hosts involved?
    I think I was told to perform the export from CC master host, and import to be performed on the Resource Manager pool host.

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