06/03/2015 - RPS 4.2.5 SP523 Released


RPS 4.2.5 SP523 has been released.

It is critical you read the attached release notes prior to patching your system.

The patch is available on the Zenoss Download Site in Resource Manager/Zenup.


ZEN-17846 - Improved implementation for controlling the growth of the connection_info table.

ZEN-17529 - Improved zep performance.

ZEN-17985 - Support for modeling/monitoring RHEL/CentOS 7.  NOTE. Requires installation of net-tools package.

ZEN-17502 - Deep linking is not working when nodes contain periods.

ZEN-16718 - zep logging has been updated to include number of indexed events.

ZEN-17420 - zep logging has been updated to include time spent in post indexing plugins.

ZEN-14185 - Performance improvement when computing links for google maps.

ZEN-17639 - Latest update on Chrome breaks zoom on remote collector graphs.

ZEN-15035 - On Google map dashboard, navigation for device event may show events for devices not available under selected location.

ZEN-17724 - zencatalogservice is unresponsive due to AlreadyClosedExceptions.

ZEN-16074 - On Events console with auto-refresh selected, scrolling while updating makes top rows blank.

ZEN-17077 - On a custom device report, sorting by "Sort Column" and "Sort Sense" are not working.

ZEN-17402 - SNMP agent down events are not detected during device modeling.

ZEN-17130 - When configured Cycle Time for a Command Data Source, the setting is not always followed.

ZEN-17191 - Under “User Interface” settings, an admin user can now disable auto refresh for job notifications by setting “Job Notification Refresh Interval” to 0.

ZEN-17127 - SNMPv1 trap being assigned a different Ip during deduplication, without attaching the correct Ip realm.

ZEN-17227 - zencommand JSON parser fails silently when a datapoint name in output does not match a configured datapoint.

ZEN-17647 - Startup performance is slow due to table locks on connection_info.

ZEN-17028 - When exporting a custom device report to CSV, IP address are being converted to integers.

ZEN-17494 - Remote daemons over VPN losing connectivity.

ZEN-16602 - Cannot update a boolean zProperty to false using the updateDevice function.


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