How To Clear The Zends zodb_session Table

Applies To

  • Zenoss 4.2.3
  • Zenoss 4.2.4


Depending on the version and patch level of your Zenoss installation, it might be necessary to clear the zodb_session table. This table maintains data about login sessions for users accessing the Zenoss UI. In some cases stale data can result in login errors, or database packing may not occur resulting in excessive disk consumption by this particular database.

Because this data is nonessential, there is no risk to dropping the table if necessary.


To clear the zodb_session table, perform the following:

  1. Ensure end users log off the Zenoss graphical user interface.
  2. Log into the Resource Manager master server.
  3. Become the zenoss user:

    # su - zenoss

  4. Stop zenwebserver:

    $ zenwebserver stop

  5. Log on to the server hosting your Zends database. Depending on your configuration this may be a dedicated Zends server or it may be your master server.
  6. Become the zenoss user:

    # su - zenoss

  7. Start the zends client:

    $ zends -uzenoss -pzenoss

    If your zends database has a non-default password for the zends user, substitute that password in.

  8. Issue the following commands:

    zends> drop database zodb_session;
    zends> create database zodb_session;

  9. Exit zends:

    zends> exit;

  10. On the master server, restart the zenwebserver:

    $ zenwebserver start

Test to ensure users can successfully log on.

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