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Zenoss is pleased to announce a new and better way to submit feature requests. The feature request site allows you to:

  1. submit new feature requests
  2. view all feature request submitted to date
  3. vote on the features you want most
  4. add comments to any feature request

The Zenoss product management team will be participating, and we hope that this site will become a lively forum that will help to guide our roadmap and continue to make the Zenoss product a critical part of your IT management infrastructure.


Getting Started

The Zenoss Feature Request forum is located at

To gain access,

  1. Go to, and enter your company email in the field provided. If someone at your company has been previously authorized, the system will ask for your full name. You should then be advised that a verification email has been sent to your address. Follow the instructions in the email and you'll have instant access to the forum. If you do not get a note about a verification email, then please proceed to step 2 below - we need to authorize your company for access.

  2. If this is your first visit to the Uservoice site, and you enter your email address and are then prompted for a password - you do not yet have access to the site, and must open a ticket with the support team. Please go to, open a ticket and request access to the “Zenoss Feature Requests Forum”. You’ll receive information on how to log-in.


Once you are logged in to the forum, you’ll see a number of Feature Requests that have already been proposed. See one you think is a great idea? Vote for it! Want to add some additional information to someone’s request? Click on that request and Add a comment. Have a great idea that hasn’t already been suggested? Post a new idea! It’s that easy.

The Zenoss product management team will be watching the forum activity, perhaps adding comments of our own from time-to-time, and using the forum to update the status of various requests as appropriate. While we can’t make any presumptive commitment to act on any or all of the suggestions submitted here, our intent is to use the ideas and comments that we hope this site will generate to help us prioritize new features.

Helpful Tips

  • Post your great feature ideas and comment on ideas posted by others.

  • Keep your ideas to one per post, so as to simplify the voting process.

  • Provide as much information about your idea as you think appropriate. The better we understand your use case, the more likely we are to meet the requirement. Plus, more detail is likely to encourage more input from other customers.

  • Vote for the ideas you like. You have a limited number of votes, use them wisely.

  • Don’t use this site to file bug reports. Customer Support will not be acting on any content on this site. To report a bug, please contact support and open a ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I posted an idea, but product management hasn’t responded. Are you guys paying attention?

A: Yes, we are. The power of the Feature Request forum is in the discussion of ideas between various customers. We may sit back for a while and see how your idea is received by other customers before we weigh in ourselves.


Q: My idea is the top vote-getter! That means it’ll be implemented in the next release, right?

A: Maybe. Or maybe not. Development plans are influenced by many factors, including complexity of implementation and other commitments. But if an idea is receiving a lot of support from numerous customers, that will certainly affect its priority in our planning. We’ll do our best to keep you updated through the Feature Request forum regarding our plans for your idea.


Q: Somebody has proposed a feature that I think would have a really negative impact in my environment. Can I say so?

A: Sometimes, good ideas can have unintended consequences. If you see a problem with a suggestion, feel free to point it out in your comments. Just be respectful. Plus, that might help us to figure out an implementation that will answer the requirement and avoid the negative consequences.


Q: I’ve already submitted enhancement requests through Customer Support. What happens to them? Do I need to repeat them all here?

A: Existing enhancement requests are logged in our ticketing system and will continue to be reviewed as they always have. You don’t have to submit them again through the Feature Request forum, BUT you might want to do so anyway, in order to give other customers a chance to comment on them and vote for them.


Q: Do all new enhancement requests need to be made through the Feature Request forum?

A: You can still submit enhancement requests through Customer Support. However, we expect that the Feature Request forum will become our preferred vehicle for feature requests for commercial customers because of the aforementioned customer interaction and voting capabilities.

Q: I am a Zenoss Core user. Can I participate in the UserVoice forum?

A: Participation in the UserVoice forum is for Zenoss commercial customers. We encourage Core users to continue to participate in the Zenoss Community forums, which can be found on our community site at

Q: Are you encouraging commercial customers to use the Feature Request forum rather than the Community forums?

A: The Zenoss Community web site and forums are a powerful tool for all Zenoss users, both Commercial and Open Source, to discuss their use of the Zenoss product, ask and answer questions, and – yes – propose new features. However, we have created the Feature Request forum specifically so that we have a way to capture and measure ideas that are of greatest interest to our commercial customers.

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