How To Configure Resource Manager Collectors for Use with Red Hat Cluster Suite (CentOS 5 version)

Applies To

The procedure outlined in this document has been tested on the following software versions:

  • Resource Manager Version 4.2.4 (Build 1859)
  • CentOS Linux 5.10
  • VMware ESXi 5.0 hypervisor (for cluster nodes)
  • Luci version 0.12.2-68.el5.centos
  • Ricci version 0.12.2-68.el5.centos
  • DRBD Version 8.3.15-2.el5.centos


The attached pdf document describes the procedure for creating an active-Passive High Availability cluster of Zenoss Resource Manager collectors using Red Hat Cluster Suite. This version of the document applies to collectors hosted on CentOS 5 operating systems.

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