How to Use the 'zencheckrps' Utility to Identify The Current Patch Level Applied By Quilt


This utility expects that the target Zenoss server has had the 'quilt' package installed, and that at least one of the Recommended Patch Set (RPS) bundles has been applied.

Applies To

  • Zenoss 4.1.1


The zencheck rps utility was written to perform checks of the RPS state on a system that has been patched. Currently, the following is performed:

  • Checks to make sure that quilt is installed
  • Checks to make sure that an RPS bundle has been applied
  • Shows installation success or number of errors
    • checks quilt patches - which patches are not applied
    • checks jars -  which jars do not md5sum match
    • checks ZenPacks - which installed ZenPacks do not match eggs in RPS
    • checks JavaScript - which js files are newer than compiled js
  • Shows the RPS version


If /opt/zenoss/bin/zencheckrps exists, run:
    su - zenoss

If /opt/zenoss/bin/zencheckrps does not exist:
    download this script to /tmp
    chmod +x /tmp/zencheckrps
    su - zenoss

If /opt/zenoss/bin/zencheckrps does not exist and you want to compare to RPS:
    download this script and rps tgz to /tmp
    chmod +x /tmp/zencheckrps
    chmod +r /tmp/zenoss_4.2.3_recommended_patches_rVERSION.tgz
    su - zenoss
    /tmp/zencheckrps /tmp/zenoss_4.2.3_recommended_patches_rVERSION.tgz


Note: This is a shell script, some browsers will tag an '.exe' extension onto this since it doesn't have an extension. If this happens, remove the .exe extension.

Link: zencheckrps

Alternate: If you prefer to download directly via 'wget', you can use the following command -
wget -O zencheckrps


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