How To Run on a 4.x System

Applies To

  • Zenoss 4.x


Administrators may wish to run the script against the ZenDS database to optimize performance.  


  1. As root:
    # wget
    # mv /home/zenoss/
    # cd /home/zenoss/
    # chown zenoss:zenoss
    # su - zenoss
    $ vi 
  2. Change line that reads:
    my $command = `which mysqladmin`;

    to read:

     my $command = '/opt/zends/bin/.mysqladmin';
  3. As root edit:
    # vi /opt/zends/etc/zends.conf
  4. Comment out max_allowed_packet = 64M from the client section of the configuration file
    socket = /opt/zends/data/zends.sock
    user = zenoss
    #max_allowed_packet = 64M
  5. Restart zends:
    # service zends restart

    NOTE: only in the client section

    # su - zenoss

    run the tuner with:

    $./ -user zenoss -pass zenoss -port 13306

At this point should work, you can run it and make small tweaks to your zends.conf file, restart the database and repeat. It is recommended to allow some time to pass between runs for best results.

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