Zenoss Hot Fix Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a hot fix?

A hot fix is intended to correct a specific, urgent problem when a generally available fix cannot be made available within a reasonable time frame. Hot fixes must be recommended by our engineering team and are for urgent, production critical problems only. They are intended only for systems experiencing the problem.

What kind of testing goes into a hot fix?

Due to its urgent nature, hot fix testing is only against the defect in question. Hot fixes do not go through full regression testing as they are intended to be provide quick relief to mission critical problems seen in production deployments. Zenoss GA’ed (generally available) releases do go through full regression testing prior to being released.

What happens when a permanent fix is available?

Your ticket will be attached to the defect tracking for the permanent fix. Once this fix is available in a software update you will be notified.

How long can I run a hot fix?

Hot fixes are intended to be temporary. Zenoss requires that a client update their hot fixes once that fix becomes publicly available in a Zenoss update.

Will I receive support for my hot fix?

Yes, your hot fix is supported until the publicly available update with that fix is available. Once available, Zenoss will require you to upgrade.

How do I install my hot fix?

Your hot fix should come with instructions on how to install.

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