Potential issues running with RHEL 7.4 or CentOS 7.4


We have had reports of customers experiencing the following issues when running with RHEL 7.4 or CentOS 7.4, or earlier 7.x versions that have updated NFS packages:

  • Zeneventserver times out and/or crashes

  • Deletion of files takes a very long time from the /opt/serviced/var/volumes/<instanced id>/zeneventserver/index directory

  • Upgrade of serviced fails


Edit to nfsmount.conf (Defaultvers=4.0)

While we are still investigating the root cause, there may be a defect with file locking when using NFS 4.1 with RHEL or CentOS 7.x. Customers using RHEL/CentOS 7.x should force the use of NFS to 4.0, as we've seen positive results doing this to affected users. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Edit /etc/nfsmount.conf on each host
    • Find the following line:
      # Defaultvers=4
    • Uncomment it and change it so that it looks like:
    • Save that file
  • Stop Resource Manager and serviced on all of their hosts where NFS is mounted
  • On each host, issue: systemctl restart nfs-server
  • Bring serviced back up and start resource manager
  • Once the nfs shares are remounted, verify that NFS mounts are using NFS version 4.0 by running: nfsstat -m on the delegates in the RM pool

    [root@delegate1 ~]# nfsstat -m
    /opt/serviced/var/volumes/afwdlj8lpc6n6fk3rojbfq7lt from

Edit to lvm.conf (units="h")

RHEL/CentOS 7.4 changes the LVM configuration (in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf) to use units="r", which causes LVM commands to output sizes as human-(r)eadable with '<' rounding indicator. This rounding indicator causes a parsing error in the serviced pre-upgrade script. 

The fix for this is straightforward:

  • Edit /etc/lvm/lvm.conf on each host
    • Find the following line:
    • Change it to read:
    • Save that file
  • (NOTE: you do not have to restart LVM to make these changes take effect)
  • To confirm that LVM is now using the correct units
    • run the command lvmconfig | grep units on each host:
      [root@delegate1 ~]# lvmconfig | grep units
    • run the pvs, vgs, and lvs commands on each host, and confirm you do not see any rounding symbols (such as <) in the sizes shown
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    Todd Stoll **SUSPENDED**

    How about specifying the --units argument for lvm commands in the pre-upgrade script instead of requiring everyone to change their lvm config?

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