08/16/2017 - Changes to Software Delivery

With the release of RM 5.3.0 and CC 1.4.0, we are implementing a change to our release artifacts. The appliance artifacts (OVA for VMware installs, ISO images for vSphere and bare metal installs, and the ISO updater) remain the preferred option for installs and upgrades. For customers who choose not to use the appliance, a single set of artifacts will now be used for both online and offline (i.e. not internet-connected) installs and upgrades. The converged artifacts include all necessary components and pre-requisites for a full install or upgrade.

Beginning with Resource Manager 5.3.0, artifacts will no longer be available from Docker Hub and customers will no longer need a Docker Hub account to access new RM images; all artifacts will be downloaded via customers' download portal accounts. Artifacts for versions prior to RM 5.3.0 will remain available from Docker Hub for as long as those releases are maintained by Zenoss. Customers will use the converged artifacts to upgrade their systems, whether the original install was done in an online or offline fashion. Customers should carefully review the Resource Manager and Control Center Install and Upgrade guides for details.

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