Known Issue ZEN-29338: Upgrades from 5.x to 6.x miss some self-monitoring metrics

Problem Description

We've recently discovered an issue with Resource Manager versions up to 6.1.0 wherein upgrades from 5.x don't expose required metrics for self-monitoring.  

This issue has been documented as ZEN-29338 and will be fixed in a future maintenance release.

Remediation Steps

To work around this problem, customers can execute a migration script that corrects certain service definitions to expose the required metrics. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the attached migration script and copy it to your Control Center master.

  2. Execute the following commands to stage the migration script for execution:

    mkdir /tmp/ZEN_29329
    mv /tmp/ZEN_29329
    serviced service shell --mount /tmp/ZEN_29329,/tmp/ZEN_29329 -i zope bash
    mv /tmp/ZEN_29329/ /opt/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/migrate/
    chown zenoss:zenoss /opt/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/migrate/
    su - zenoss

  3. Verify that the migration script correctly lists in the output of the zenmigrate utility:

    zenmigrate --list | grep CollectHBaseAndMariaStorageMetric
  4. The output should look like the following.  If you receive a message like "UserWarning: poll_interval is ignored", you can safely ignore it.
    storage =, **relstoreParams)
    200.0.0 CollectHBaseAndMariaStorageMetrics * Update MariaDB services to use supervisord.
  5. Run the zenmigrate utility and then exit the container.  There is no need to commit the container.

    zenmigrate --dont-bump --step=CollectHBaseAndMariaStorageMetric
  6. Before the changes can take effect, the altered services will need to be restarted.

    serviced service restart Zenoss.resmgr
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