06/29/2017 - ZenPack Release: Microsoft Windows 2.7.8

Version 2.7.8 of the Microsoft Windows ZenPack (ZenPacks.zenoss.Microsoft.Windows) has been released.

This release is compatible with Zenoss versions 4.2 - 5.2, and has the following additional requirements.

  • ZenPacks.zenoss.PythonCollector >= 1.4
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenPackLib >= 2.0.5

The following changes have been made since the previous release: 2.7.7.

  • Fix HardDisks with a size of 'None' cause unhandled exceptions in modeling (ZPS-1424)
  • Fix Log line for "periodic maintenance" shows in incorrect logs (ZPS-1600)
  • Fix Failed model job does not result in event (ZPS-1608)
  • Fix Performance tables are not created even though performance batch is successful (ZPS-1605)
  • Fix Traceback modelling with WinMSSQL plugin (ZPS-1676)
  • Fix Custom command needs to allow datapoints with non-zero exit codes (ZPS-1366)
  • Fix Shutting down the Zenpython daemon creates unnecessary and or mis-catagorized logging connection failure events in zenpython.log (ZPS-1693)
  • Fix Microsoft Windows - Cluster MSSQL server is at 100% CPU utilization (ZPS-1697)

Detailed information on this ZenPack is available from the ZenPack Catalog.

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