06/22/2017 - RPS 4.2.5 SP743 Released


RPS 4.2.5 SP743 has been released. It is critical that you read the attached release notes prior to patching your system.

The patch is available on the Zenoss Download Site in Resource Manager/Zenup.

ZEN-15509 When deleting an organizational group, the devices that belong to that group are not cleanly removed from the group. Subsequently, if the group is recreated, the devices appear in the list of group members, even though the devices claim to not be a member of the group, and the group still claims to have zero members.
ZEN-22773 Modifying mappings will produce audit logging; however, only the changed 'to' value is logged.
ZEN-24034 When a TALES expression is invalid (e.g. referencing an attribute that does not exist), the associated command notification will fail to send.
ZEN-27093 Resource Manager will allow duplicate IPs for devices.
ZEN-27216 ZenHub invalidation workers stop processing.
ZEN-27290 If the infrastructure page is sorted by certain fields (e.g. collector, events) AND a filter to production state is applied, the device list will fail to load and a flare "ProdStateNotSetError" is displayed.
ZEN-27578 RelStorage has been updated to use InnoDB instead of MyISAM engine to improve performance when updating ZODB.
ZEN-27783 Zenossdbpack needs further optimization since it dies with OOM error in large environments
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