Zenoss Learning Center (LMS) for Zenoss Training and Curriculum Information

The Zenoss Learning Center

The Zenoss Learning Center or LMS (Learning Management System) provides information and direction that reduces barriers to becoming proficient with Zenoss software. This makes it easier to adopt the Zenoss platform. Zenoss believes trained customers will be successful customers.

The Zenoss LMS provides a personalized, professional and strategic approach to navigating the Zenoss curriculum and training classes online. The highlights of the Zenoss LMS include:

    • Learning Pathways to guide you through the Zenoss curriculum offerings and tailor your learning experience.
    • A course catalog that describes the various Zenoss training classes.
    • A 6-month schedule of planned classes acts as a helpful planning tool.
    • Convenient online scheduling and purchasing of training classes, including use of Z Credits.
    • On-demand training videos (coming soon - in development).
    • Information about various purchasing options and ZaaS (Zenoss as a Service).

For additional information, visit the Zenoss Learning Center, located at:

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