Zenoss Quarterly Zenpack Update for 2016-Q4

Zenoss Quarterly Zenpack Update for 2016-Q4

Thirty two individual ZenPacks were launched, enhanced/maintained, or certified for the 5.x platform during the 4th quarter of 2016. Zenpacks can be downloaded from the
Zenoss Zenpack site:

ZenPackLib 2.0 (12.25.16)

  • zenpacklib is now an installable ZenPack
  • Added Event Class definitions (ZEN-24903)
  • Support multiple YAML file loading
  • Support directory loading for YAML
  • Support log verbosity per ZenPack
  • Centralized, per-derived ZenPack logging
  • Improved template change detection during install
  • Improved type handling of yaml loaded/dumped data
  • Support centralized use of older monolithic
  • Added –optimize parameter to zenpacklib
  • Dramatically enhanced unit testing
  • Support for using enum property with datapoint properties (string/int mapping)
  • Ability to call /opt/zenoss/bin/zenpacklib
  • Added ZPLCommand to handle running zenpacklib with arguments
  • Separated classes into module files
  • Ability to use ZenPack-provided zenpacklib module
  • Added support for Process Class definitions
  • Deprecated support for python-based “yaml” specifications
  • Support for threshold graph-point legend and color (ZEN-24904)
  • Ability to specify an initial sort column on a component grid
  • Performance enhancements for grid display of metrics (ZEN-23870)
  • Support for Device Link Providers
  • Added troubleshooting aid for easily saving function data(writeDataToFile)
  • Avoid setting zProperties on existing device class (ZPS-137)

Microsoft Exchange 1.0.6 (12.21.16)

  • Fix Exchange 2013 Missing Counter Events

LinuxMonitor 2.1.1 (12.21.16)

  • Fix "ifconfig" is checked before "ip" Linux Monitor (ZEN-25425)

OpenStackInfrastructure ZP 2.3.2 (12.20.16)

  • Single bug fix - Wrap brain.getObject() into try/except block (ZPS-442)

Docker 2.0.1 (12.16.16)

  • Disable container status monitoring by default. (ZEN-24043)

Layer2 1.3.0 (12.13.16)

  • Add "Show MAC addresses" and "Show dangling connectors" to network map.
  • VLAN and VXLAN layers no longer selected by default on network map.
  • Support for multiple gateways per device or device class. (ZEN-24767)
  • Add zL2Gateways property. (ZEN-24767)
  • Deprecate zZenossGateway property. (ZEN-24767)
  • Add zL2PotentialRootCause to allow automatic gateways discovery.
  • Add zL2SuppressIfPathsDown to toggle ping event suppression.
  • Add zL2SuppressIfDeviceDown to toggle non-ping event suppression.
  • Add rootCauses event field for suppressed events.
  • Improve event suppression performance and reliability.
  • Add zLocalMacAddresses to remove unwanted interfaces in maps. (ZEN-23182)
  • Add client discovery support using Q-BRIDGE MIB. (ZEN-25336)
  • Fix "NeighborSwitch" errors after removing the ZenPack. (ZEN-26189)

Cisco UCS Central 1.3.0 (12.8.16)

  • Improved session handling with the UCS Central XML API. (ZEN-26322)

Microsoft.Windows 2.6.9 (12.5.16)

  • Added Auth event clears, getPingStatus includes /Status/Ping event class (ZEN-25700)
  • Fix Windows Shell Datasources are sending datamaps and bogging down ZenHub (ZEN-26226)

NetApp 3.4.2 (11.28.16)

  • Add support 9.0(C-Mode) ONTAP API version.
  • Add Port component
  • Add status monitoring for "vServer" and "Disk Shelf" components
  • Fix ZEN-21557 (attribute error during modeling and monitoring)
  • Fix ZEN-22440 (UTF8 monitoring issue)
  • Fix ZEN-18846 (recursion error on a large number of records)
  • Fix issue with negative scale for graphs
  • Fix ZEN-21145 (fails to upgrade earlier version)
  • Fix performance issue during modeling NFS Client components
  • Fix modeling operational status and speed properties for virtual Interface components

VMware vSphere 3.5.3 (11.22.16)

  • Fix TypeError while adding vSphere hypervisor (ZEN-26197)

Linux Monitor 2.1.0 (11.15.16)

  • Add cpu_ssCpuUsedPerCpu and mem_MemUsedPercent datapoints. (ZEN-22978)
  • Add common datapoint aliases. (ZEN-24619)
  • Improve ability to model network interface speeds.
  • Improve support for NFS filesystem impact. (ZEN-24478)
  • Improve NFS filesystem linking to NFS server. (ZEN-24478)
  • Disable monitor of NFS mounted filesystems by default. (ZEN-24650)
  • Prevent threshold violations on interfaces with unknown speed.
  • Fix IndexError when modeling older LVM versions. (ZEN-25792)
  • Fix setIdForRelationship error when modeling some LVM versions. (ZEN-22409)

Oracle Database Monitor 3.0.8 (11.16.16)

  • Fix TypeError while adding vSphere hypervisor (ZEN-26197)

Cisco UCS 2.5.2 (11.12.16)

  • Clarify and reduce chassis and server events (ZEN-25740)
  • Fix zCredentialsZProperties override warning on Zenoss 5.2 (ZEN-26164)

Microsoft.Windows ZenPack 2.6.7 (11.11.16)

  • Fix TypeError during zenpython collection of a ShellDataSource (ZEN-25978)

Cisco Devices 5.7.3 (11.11.16)

  • Add support for more telepresence peripherals (ZEN-25993)

CheckPointMonitor (11.7.16)

  • ZenPacks.zenoss.CheckPointMonitor looking for 'active' state on device, but device returns 'Active', resulting in "unknown HA state" event (ZEN-24438)

Azure 1.2.0 (11.4.16)

  • Added support for resources deployed in Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployment model
  • Added bidirectional associating of Azure Instances (Classic Instances) with guest operating systems

OpenStackInfrastructure 2.3.1 Hotfix (11.3.16)

  • Upgrade txsshclient to fix critical change in twisted.conch (ZEN-25870)

Ceph 2.0.1 (11.3.16)

  • Upgrade txsshclient to fix critical change in twisted.conch (ZEN-25737)
  • Reduce INFO logs in modeler to reduce noise (ZEN-25738)

HP Proliant 3.2.1 (11.1.16)

  • Updated ILO Protocol handler to address SSL certificate validation issue while preserving HTTP/1.1 compliance
  • Updated XML parser to better handle invalid XML output
  • Fix bad threshold datasource reference in HPArrayController template
  • Corrected type of cycletime parameter
  • Ensure all SNMP templates available to /Devices/Server/HP/ILO/SMNP

IBM Power Release 1.1.2(10.28.16)

  • ZEN-25867: Updated to txsshclient 1.0.0 for Twisted 15 compatibility
  • Guard against empty fields used for component IDs
  • Less ambiguous event summary for incremental model update failures

Installed Templates 1.1.1 (10.28.16)

  • Fix performance issue with Zenoss Analytics (ZEN-24573)

Solaris 2.5.0 (10.28.16)

  • Fix performance issue with Zenoss Analytics (ZEN-24573)

vSphere 3.5.0 (10.27.16)

  • Converted zenpack to use zenpacklib. Small UI differences and improved functionality throughout.
  • Hide password in the 'Add Multiple Endpoint' dialog. (ZEN-25387)
  • Improve performance of "Resource Pool" and "Hosts and VMs" reports (ZEN-21039)
  • Documented analytics behavior and workaround for deleted definitions (ZEN-24333)
  • Add HostSystem->Datastore DV/impact relation, only in the case where a datastore is stored on local disk on that host. (ZEN-23166)
  • Add labels and descriptions to vSphere zProperties
  • Change severity of incorrect username or password in model log from WARNING to ERROR and update message (ZEN-21003)
  • Add additional filtering options to all reports (ZEN-23157)
  • Allow addition of vSphere devices under sub classes of /Devices/vSphere (ZEN-22015)
  • Improvements to performance of component grid with large numbers of components. (componentCatalogs and linkable optimizations)
  • Disable ping monitoring based on the 'monitored' setting for host components. (ZEN-22206)
  • Fix CPU/Mem Reservation fields display. (ZEN-21112)
  • Add labels and descriptions to vSphere zProperties. (ZEN-21278)
  • Add advanced tuning of modeling transactions via zVSphereModelMpLevel, zVSphereModelMpObjs, zVSphereModelMpIndexObjs.
  • Reduce likelihood ConflictError during during modeling of large vSphere devices. (ZEN-25488)
  • Add support for java 8 JVM (ZEN-25482)
  • Fix units for memEntitlement graph (ZEN-25460)
  • Extend 'Model Time' field to show also 'Waiting For Modeling' (ZEN-21012)
  • Ensure that repeat count increases on open alarms until they are closed, so that events do not clear in zenoss prematurely. (ZEN-25342)
  • Auto clear internal heartbeat events on restore (ZEN-24144)
  • Fix bug where events may be timestamped in UTC time (ZEN-22724)
  • Fix misleading ping down message on vSphere hosts. (ZEN-22203)
  • Changed recovery behavior- recover non-timeout errors more frequently. (20 minutes, rather than 4 hours). Place a limit on how much time will be spent on recovery per task, leaving remaining entries for a future polling cycle. This allows more frequent recovery to occur without risking serious impact on the
    overall polling cycle time.
  • Lowered default query timeout (zVSpherePerfQueryTimeout) from 200 seconds to 25. Failures due to timeout are retried as smaller queries anyway, and a faster failure is good for overall collection time.
  • Change default value of zVSpherePerfParallelQueries from 6 to 8, to improve overall query performance, especially on large targets.
  • Group all metrics being polled through the raw data feed by the host and cluster to which they relate, when possible. Hash the hosts over a set of 6 sub-tasks, and collect each one separately. This keeps a bad host from slowing down all the collection tasks randomly. (Any such slowdown is restricted to 1/6 of the data being collected)
  • Add extensive details to the health report, with an emphasis to grouping errors by host/cluster as described above. Raise events when a particular host or cluster is showing large numbers of errors. Calculate average response times, and distinguish between transient and permanent errors in these reports where appropriate.
  • Graph high-level performance collection metrics at the device level (# of counters polled, retries vs normal queries, total elapsed time by task type, etc)
  • When a ping failure event is found for a host, consider the host to be DOWN, rather than ATRISK, regardless of powerState/connnectionState values (ZEN-24612)

Oracle Database Monitor 3.0.7 (10.25.16)

  • Fix bug in GNUMakefile

Windows 2.6.5 (10.21.16)

  • Fix missing Process Set process title. (ZEN-25311)

ZenSQLtx 2.6.5 (10.19.16)

  • Fixed tracebacks associated with errerLog(). (ZEN-24736)

Oracle Database Monitor 3.0.6 (10.18.16)

  • Guard modeler against modeler errors (ZEN-24515)
  • Correct Analytics Bundle: (ZEN-24317)
  • Security fixes: Include full regex for mask_pass (ZEN-24634)

CiscoUCS 2.5.0 (10.13.16)

  • Added support for UCS Manager 3.1.
  • Added support for C3260 chassis managed by UCS Manager.
  • Added support for multiple chassis UCS Mini domains.
  • Added UCSM Domain Type (Classic or Mini) to device overview.
  • Added DynamicView and Impact support for CIMC devices.
  • Added icons for UCS CIMC components.
  • Added support for alternative port/SSL for CIMC device connections.
  • Separated "UCS Manager" and "UCS CIMC" Analytics bundles.
  • Improved CIMC session handling to reduce session exhaustion.
  • Associated blade server slot events with blade server.
  • Streamlined modeling updates.
  • Many other bugfixes and enhancements

Layer2 1.2.2 (10.7.16)

  • Fix potential 2 minute modeling delay in Zenoss 4.
  • Fix "Connection refused" when Redis not available. (ZEN-24364)

HP Proliant Release 3.2.0 (10.7.16)

  • Update Impact documentation (ZEN-25324)
  • Added "zILOCollectSamples" zProperty (raw modeler output storage)
  • Updated zProperties (removed zProperty zILOSSLPort, replace with zILOUsesSSL and zILOPort)
  • Adjust component labels and titles for DynamicView (ZEN-25248)
  • Add ResetClassRelations migrate script (ZEN-25281)
  • Sensible thresholds for Temperature graphs (ZEN-25260)
  • More informative event logging (ZEN-24270)
  • Ensure that ILODatasource, HPStatusThreshold, and GUI use shared reference data
  • Updated graph datapoints and templates (ZEN-24886)
  • Improved datasource/datapoint access methdos for status string retrieval (ZEN-24277)
  • Fix traceback during WBEM modeling (ZEN-24786)
  • updated and new unit testing to handle ILO datasource/modeler testing (ZEN-24810)
  • Revised and simplified all string-to-integer status mapping code
  • Added new ILOProtocolHandler ILO client (ZEN-25277)
  • Added new ILOXMLParser for shared access to ILO output
  • Added cross-reference functions to HPDevice and HPChassis (get_ilo, get_cpus, get_mem)
  • Revised shared component attributes for consistency
  • Remove/migrate code from and
  • Added ManagedObject base to contine shared component code
  • deprecate ILO2 support (ZEN-22388)
  • Rewrite of all modeler plugins
  • Added HPPluginBase, HPSnmpPlugin to contain shared plugin code
  • Prevent premature data collection termination (ZEN-24277)
  • Add support for RAID controller monitoring via SNMP and ILO (ZEN-24211, ZEN-23388)
  • Fix HPStatusThreshold issue causing data collection to stop (ZEN-23040)
  • Improved handling of components with blank id (ZEN-22872, ZEN-22851, ZEN-21680)

ZenSQLTx 2.6.4 (10.5.16)

  • Fix broken "timeout" field in SQL datasource edit dialog (ZEN-22955)
  • Make SQL libraries importable by other ZenPacks (ZEN-23722)
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